09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"

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09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"  Empty 09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"

Post by fang2 on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:39 am

Qin Lan Bit me so badly! (2009-03-16 00:05:31)


You must be surprised that I update my blog so quickly. The truth is that I’m eager to share a song with you. I recorded this song very early. Nevertheless, it can’t be exposed to the public until March 14. So,I waited till this moment. My previous songs are mainly suitable for listening in the daylight. Yet, this song "Can’t Avoid Your Love" is softer as it is more enjoyable to listen at night. The flavor of this song isn’t like what a leading song has. So it has been excluded by the record company all the time. Finally, it was adopted through my great efforts.

I have invited Qin Lan, the outstanding pretty girl of Mainland China, to have a romantic scene with me in this MV. The story of the MV is about the two lovers who always misunderstand and brush against each other….. The heroine knows that it isn’t their fate to be a couple. They doom to miss their love. So she decides to leave a mark on the boy’s hand, by this mean the boy will remember her forever-----that she once is in his life.

In fact, there was fantastic fate at one time in my life. The summer day when I was 17, I went home from Canada to Taiwan for my summer vacation and met a girl back from USA. She may haven’t returned to Taiwan for 7 or 8 years. The girl
naturally talked about her childhood in Taiwan. “She disliked the students in the International School nearby her home, for she thought that they were too proud. She usually threw stones at male students of that school. The most impressive time was that she threw stone at a very weak little boy and the boy burst into tears! He was so fragile like a girl!”

As I heard her story, I thought it was so incredible for me. For I would never forget the girl who threw stones at me and made me cry. She was that girl, through all these years who is sitting before me now! She left Taiwan for 8 years and now she meets her personal enemy of her childhood…… We chatted joyfully. So we decided to keep in touch, even if she went back to USA and I was back to Canada. But our wonderful fate was ended by my foolishness. The small piece of paper, on which was her telephone number and address, was left in my jeans and taken to wash. Furthermore, my home in Canada moved to another place before long----could this experience be called fate? Our lives were intercrossed twice, though the connection between us disappeared without having time to say good-bye.

This matter hasn’t occurred to me for a long time. However, the melody of "Can’t Avoid Your Love", reminds me of the childish and faint romance. Hope the song brings you the touching feelings that I have ever had.

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09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"  Empty Re: 09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"

Post by lizzie.23061 on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:51 pm

Are there anymore of Peter's blog? I read all of them and hope there is more! Please post more. Thank you because I can't read any Chinese. I can speak Chinese but not write.

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09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"  Empty Re: 09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"

Post by BonnieChow on Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:46 am


this is Peter's sina mico-blog,now he updates it every day!


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09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"  Empty Re: 09.06.13 "Qinlan Bit Me so Badly"

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