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Post by fang2 on Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:17 pm

Guys, I got an email from banlong who translates this fan account for us!! She said that It's written by Shirley赖赖 who is really a big shot among the fans. And she really loves Peter deeply. She shows her affection in this article, in fact, there are many other articles from her, all about Peter.
Enjoy reading and give comments, okay ? ^ ^
Source: Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Part 1 : Prefer Love Tasted As Light As Green Tea"

“A poetry of every girl’s feeling, it's a pity if she never follows her idol”
This is my friend’s famous tag.

Born into a well-to-do family with liberal minds, she has met many stars who are of great fame or just of some note. So she feels easy to these celebrities, no matter they look beautiful strikingly or disappointingly. However, one day, Peter bent forward and consoled us gently for we haven’t got his signature, it seemed as if he was facing two kids without candies. At that moment, my friend said, she was likely to fall in love with him (Peter).

Telling the truth, I think “love” is a very affected word. But maybe in some cases, it is one’s fate to dedicate “love” to a particular person. And because of this fate, I join with a lot of people and we form a “family”. There is the same thing in our lives. We learn to support each other so that we can go further. There is also something different in our lives. We learn to forget, so that we would not hurt by the suffering of expecting and waiting. As a result, some of us choose to leave, the others stay all their lives. Whatever we choose, it doesn’t matter. Because we keep our common memories. We cherish the memories and enjoy every meeting time.

The first time we met was at the gate of Minghang Campus of Shanghai University . Having been through a whole night of embroidering and in the fright of almost being involved in a traffic accident, I saw Lily and Bei Bei, who were also tired. Then, Li Ke gave me a big hug and Liu Shuo was always talking. Everything seemed fine, though with a bit unfamiliar. Later, I chatted casually with Bei Bei over the weather of Shanghai . These memories made me smile afterwards.

I sat on the floor, watching Li Ke shooting with her DV. Suddenly, I wondered why she could work so hard on the black mass of heads. “Where is Peter? Why doesn’t he come out?” I asked her. Li Ke seemed almost fainted hearing my words. “The one who just walked by us is Peter! I’m shooting him all the while!! ”Then she pointed at a big guy wearing blue hood. I’m likely to fall fainted, too------- I haven't recognized him! What a shame!

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Post by greensleeves on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:37 pm

I am touched by the story. Unfortunately, I have never met Peter since I am far away from China. But internet is making us closer in virtual distance.

And I shall always be here with you, Peter.

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