10.11.19. Peter’s answer to a "Proust questionnaire"

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10.11.19. Peter’s answer to a "Proust questionnaire" Empty 10.11.19. Peter’s answer to a "Proust questionnaire"

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At the start of the interview, the reporter focused his questions on beauty products and methods. Peter said he used MENPLUS in the morning, it helped him a great deal especially when he got up very early. Additionally, he disclosed that his skin has been inborn white, not as dark as now. Then Peter demanded to change their topic into a wider range and the reporter made a lot of questions to him, like a Proust questionnaire of the sort:

Reporter: What’s the most perfect happiness in your opinion?
 Peter: To do things I’m fond of.
Reporter: Which talent do you want most?
Peter: Cooking.
Reporter: What do you fear most?
Peter: Frustrating the hopes of people who trust me.
Reporter: Please describe your mood at this moment?
Peter: Enriched, strongly motivated.
Reporter: Among the living people, which one do you admire the most?
Peter: My father.
Reporter: What is your greatest accomplishment?
Peter: Eh, (silence) when my efforts was acknowledged.
Reporter: In your character, which part you feel the most hated?
Peter: My obsessive compulsive disorder, pursuing perfection.
Reporter: If you can choose, what do you wish to re-happen?
Peter: Come back of Michael Jordan.
Reporter: What’s the character on others you think of the worst?
Peter: En,(considering a long time) snobbery.
Reporter: What’s your most treasured possession?
Peter: Affections from my family.
Reporter: What’s the most extravagant thing?
Peter: (considering for long time) waiting in queue. It’s squandering time.
Reporter: Which is the slightest pain?
Peter: Wound in flesh.
Reporter: Which virtue do you think overvalued?
Peter: I cannot follow you. What’s your meaning for “virtue”?
Reporter: Excellent quality.
Peter: Eh, let me think……I may say it’s “overfree”. for instance, the youth in America and Canada think they have had strong wings, regardless of their parents. Is this overvalued virtue?
Reporter: What’s your favorite career?
Peter: A war correspondent, and of course I don’t hope for war.
Reporter: Which part of your appearance dissatisfy you the most?
Peter: Long face.
Reporter: What’s your most marked characteristic?
Peter: My height.
Reporter: Among the livings, which one is the most despised by you?
Peter: Let me think……petty people speak ill behind others’ back. Must I point out his name? May I not? If I point out the name, there should come a war?
Reporter: What’s your most favorite quality on a man?
Peter: Heart of a child.
Reporter: What’s your pet word or phrase?
Peter: En,(turning to his broker, “what’s my pet phrase?” “OK, right?”)OK? OK.
Reporter: Which quality do you appreciate the most on a woman?
Peter: Sunshiny smile.
Reporter: What do you feel saddest about?
Peter: In the past?
Reporter: Whenever.
Peter: Eh……let me think……my life is too happy to be sad. Well, sad things, let me think again……I haven’t time to travel around the world with my parents, sisters and niece.
Reporter: What’s the most valued quality of your friend?
Peter: Loyalty (brotherhood).
Reporter: What persons or things you love best in your life?
Peter: …… the Simpson family, haha, they are both persons and things.
Reporter: In what way do you want to die?
Peter: Well……surrounded by cries and attachments of many people.
Reporter: When and where you fell the happiest?
Peter: I’m waiting for it yet. I’m sure I will be happier than now.
Reporter: What’s your motto?
Peter: Just do it.


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