Peter's Facebook ~ Nov 2010

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Peter's Facebook ~ Nov 2010 Empty Peter's Facebook ~ Nov 2010

Post by fang2 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:21 pm

20 November 2010
Peter's Facebook ~ Nov 2010 74394_10

Translation by Anna Lim- Flu medicine to me is just like injecting elephant kind of anesthetic. Y'day I felt insensible the whole day & has forgotten what I've done. Thought today I'm going to meet up with my buddies but hv no choice hv to disappoint them as I can't turn up. Sleeping the whole day at home, I found my bed very comfortable. I think I'm going to fall deeeeeeeep into sleeeeeep...

18 November 2010
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Peter's Facebook ~ Nov 2010 74124_11

Translation by Anna Lim - Tis time round the virus is really xyz!!#%<!!!!! I hv to immdly deal with it, I cough till my throat is going to explode, also, I hv to sing tis Sunday in ShenZhen..

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