Birthday Message ~ 24 Sep 2007

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Birthday Message ~ 24 Sep 2007 Empty Birthday Message ~ 24 Sep 2007

Post by fang2 on Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:33 am
Peter's Message ~ 24/9/2007
Hey guys! That was one hell of an awesome birthday party. I had lots of fun and was definitely blown out of my mind when my colleagues prepared a bra as a reward for my fan (66). Very entertaining! Of course, besides the fun part there were also touching moments. Establishment of my monthly newsletter, birthday wish on the newspaper from my fans and also the amazing birthday ad on the bus. How did you guys come up with that! You guys must be geniuses. I also knew at least a few of you wouldn’t let me leave without cream on my face and yes, I was being ambushed from behind.
I also hope that my Japanese and Korean fans had fun because they came from hundreds of miles away. I also know that some of you from other distant cities in china had to withstand hours of torture on the train to join me here. Thanks again with all my heart. Tomorrow I’ll be joining auntie “Peng” to promote our movie “My DNA Says I Love You” so find yourself a date and treat yourselves some popcorn and enjoy 90 minutes of laughter!

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