(1999) Deja Vu

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(1999) Deja Vu

Post by yessy_loren on Thu Nov 01, 2007 3:07 am


Cast: Nicky Wu, Peter Ho, Dick Tso, Vicky Zhao, Theresa Lee

The beautiful and effervescent Vicki Zhao Wei stars in Deja Vu, a Shanghai-set romance co-starring Theresa Lee, Peter Ho and Nicky Wu. Vicki Zhao is a tour guide who chances into love while shopping for a computer with her aunt (Theresa Lee). The two meet a pair of guys (Peter Ho and Nicky Wu), and their attraction seems mutual and natural. But love is an unknown, and even treacherous road, which needs a little magic and a little luck to push it forward. One road could lead to happiness and the other to heartbreak. Which paths will these couples choose?

Deja Vu explores the role of chance and fate in the love lives of the star-crossed foursome, as we witness the branching opportunities their futures present. A single moment can lead to numerous paths, and happiness is not guaranteed in any outcome. Featuring a talented young cast, Deja Vu is a modern love story about "what if" and "what could be" set in fast, sometimes suffocating, and sometimes magical urban China.

credit to: yesasia.com

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