Online Magazineó1st Edition on by Peter Ho's

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Online Magazineó1st Edition on by Peter Ho's

Post by greensleeves on Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:50 pm
Peterís Castle
Online Magazineó1st Edition on by Peter Ho Rundongís Fans.

Peter Hoís fan club is well-known for the pool of talents and devotion to Peter. This outstanding edition of ďPeterís CastleĒ online magazine is the proof.

The 30-page magazine is full of touching stories and sentiments written by the fans. The color and typography is artistic and representing Peterís warm personality and the bond between Peter and his fans. Even if you donít read Chinese, the visual aesthetics is a pure enjoyment. There are dazzling screenshots of Peter in TV series and movies. You may also find snapshots of emotional and memorable moments of Peter with his fans. .

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