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2009 Lyric

Post by fang2 on Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:16 am

Guys,.... Very Happy
Peter will give out a new song every month in 2009. This is his second song Would You Love Me Once Again (再爱我好吗)can be listened on line : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=536160524

Would You Love Me Once Again

A breach in my heart after you turned away
Little by little, drop by drop, pains flowed out

You ask me to let you go, yet I think my only way is
waiting for you, day after day, year after year

Even if your love have gone with the wind
Still would I accompany you and never give up

Please come back to love me once again
and say yes to me
Dont let the wind blow your affection off

Please stay and love me once again
to stop the struggle of our souls
Let us go on together with the former pace

Im staying here to wait for your return
Stay silently without causing your pain

In the endless night I only can wait
Wait for you continuously and ceaselessly


就在你转身之后 心里多了个缺口
一点点一滴滴 都在痛

你说要我放开手 我想我却只能够
一天天一年年 去守候

就算一切随风 都飘到了尽头
我也不会放弃 陪伴在你左右

再爱我好吗 回来好吗

再爱我好吗 留下来吧

我还在原地停留 继续等着你回头
并不像并不愿 让你痛

在这漫漫长夜中 我想我还是只有
不断地不停地 去等候

thanks to banlong for translating I love you

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