3 Nov'08 Propose Marriage on the Pyramid

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3 Nov'08 Propose Marriage on the Pyramid Empty 3 Nov'08 Propose Marriage on the Pyramid

Post by fang2 on Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:53 pm

Peter is Eager to be the First Man to Propose Marriage on the Pyramid

Fond of exploring ancient monuments and science, Peter is always longing to visit Egypt, that is one of the four ancient civilizations. Besides confirming his assumption that the Pyramids were built by aliens, Peter also hopes to propose marriage on the Pyramid.
In Peters mind, Egypt is a mysterious country. He believed the aliens had built the Pyramids and was interested in UFO in his childhood. He smiled and said, in that time I thought the clues of aliens would be found by me if I had chance to go to Egypt. When I grew up, I realized it wasnt so easy to do. The first problem was there were too many tourists there.
Peter wishes to accomplish his dream before his wedding. He plans to give his girl-friend an unprecedented proposal ceremony during their trip of Egypt. He said, I have this idea for a long time. When we got Egypt, Ill prepare flowers, red wine, champagne and diamond ring in advance. Then in the dusk, Ill bring my girl-friend to the Pyramids and show her the beautiful desert scenery whose background is the gold-red sky. As we are drinking the red wine, Ill ask her to marry me. After that, we may see the stars on the top of the Pyramid. This kind of romance only belongs to my Ms. Right.
Though has no lady of his heart, Peter hopes that his dream can be fulfilled within five years. He observed. Id better go to Egypt when Im young enough to protect my G-friend from accident happening there.
Before this interview, it is unknown that Peter has great interest in experiencing the various customs of countries. He said that he preferred to visit Egypt by himself than go with tour group. Neither would he check-in advanced hotel. He said, Im the kind of man who likes to travel and make exploration with the map. To know the local life well, its no need to invite the local tourist guide. Im about to have the local food and drink, except enough medicine.

credit: http://www.herundong.com/shownews.asp?id=235

thanks a lot to banlong for translating Very Happy

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