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Peter Ho & Chris Yu Create the Song ... Empty Peter Ho & Chris Yu Create the Song ...

Post by fang2 on Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:57 pm

credit : baidu forum
thanks to banlong for translating this article into English Very Happy

Chris Yu and Peter Ho create the song "Arced Rainbow" for the disaster area

Phoenix Entertainment News, Chris Yu and Peter Ho have known a lot of details of the disaster area since they came back from Dujiangyan and Pengzhou of Sichuan Province. So they created a song named "Arced Rainbow" hand in hand , which specially for the mothers killed in 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake.

Among the ruins of Beichuan county, the worst-hit area of Sichuan Province, a woman was founded crushed to death by the rescue teams. She was down on her knees, her whole back was supported by her hands against the ground. The woman’s whole body arched like a bow to protect her three–month baby from the collapsed wall. The baby was found unharmed. Lately, the mother’s cell phone was discovered under the quilt. There was a message on the screen: “My dear baby, please remember that I love you forever if you can survive.” The great mother’s last physical shape just formed an arced love rainbow. This is the origin of "Arced Rainbow ", whose composer was Chris Yu and lyricist was Peter Ho and Mo Fan.

After back from Sichuan Province, Chris Yu and Peter Ho began to prepare the second batch of relief. The idea of creating a special song for the mothers killed in disaster came to their mind at this point. “What we can do is to tell the children who lost their parents through our music that they have to struggle to grow well though without their mothers’ care.” Chris Yu and Peter Ho said, “Having experienced 9.21 Earthquake in Taiwan, we can understand and feel more about the hurt from earthquake.”

It’s hard to express our feeling in words when we were really with the earthquake victims. Facing the disaster, we hand in hand, heart to heart, ease our pain with great love. At this moment we don’t forget the baby who lost his (her) mother, he (she) will be surrounded by our love and never feel lonely.

On that day the song "Arced Rainbow" was recorded, Chris Yu and Peter Ho discussed the final draft, then began recording and finished their work within an hour or so. Chris Yu and Peter Ho said: “The moving pictures rose in our mind one by one, came along with which was our feeling, then the music flew out naturally.”

Afterwards, Chris Yu and Peter Ho expressed their hope that they wanted to find that baby protected by his(her) “rainbow mother”, adopt him(her) at the most proper time, and give him(her) a warm home whether in physical or psychological.

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Peter Ho & Chris Yu Create the Song ... Empty Re: Peter Ho & Chris Yu Create the Song ...

Post by joey on Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:06 am

good to heard that

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