08/04/01 On Aug.8, become Herundong’s “bride”!

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08/04/01 On Aug.8, become Herundong’s “bride”!

Post by banlong on Sat Apr 05, 2008 12:29 am

More details in:

On Aug.8, become Herundong’s “bride”!

Comercial Daily news,from May 1 to May 3, the first Xiamen(Chinese southern city) Charm Wedding Photography Exhibition will come off in Xiamen Egret Island Plaza. Smile

8 couples, who decide to marry on Aug.8,2008, will be recruited to be spokesmen of the current wedding photography exhibition. The 8 happy pairs should engage with each other on May 12, when Olympic Torch is transferred to Xiamen, and tie the knot on Aug.8, when the Beijing Olympic Opening ceremony takes place.

By then, the famous singer Herundong will witness the 8 couples’ wedding, at the same time collecting a special "bride" Shocked to do the “job” with him. Besides, Herundong is going to Sing “I Only Care About You”, give his signature and present T-shirts on which the cartoon drawn by himself.

"I like Herundong very much, it’s a great honor for me to become his “bride”,I gonna be excited for this." Razz Yesterday, as soon as read the news that Herundong would be witness for the “ Olympic couple”, Miss Cai entered her name immediately like getting a box of treasure. The man in charge of this activity told the reporter that they received so much call to sign up to be Herundong’s bride that thay had pain in their hands. A lot of girls said Herundong was their dreaming lover lol! .


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Re: 08/04/01 On Aug.8, become Herundong’s “bride”!

Post by fang2 on Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:30 pm

Wow, how glad 'the brides' are Laughing

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