08/01/15 Xin Xiaoqi, He Rundong appeared in Xi'an

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08/01/15 Xin Xiaoqi, He Rundong appeared in Xi'an

Post by banlong on Tue Jan 15, 2008 2:04 am

Xin Xiaoqi, He Rundong appeared in Xi'an and Praised the old city in the snow was “so beautiful”

On the beginning of a year,the stars always bustle about attending all kinds of parties. Yesterday, an opera and variety party named “Fashionable National Essence, Harmonical Beautiful China,hosted by CCTV Drama Channel, was recorded in the Xi’an Stadium. Xin Xiaoqi, He Rundong, Gerry Jeffe as well as the Shanxi native renowned singer Shisanlang and so on, came to give their surpport. Yesterday the old city presented a pleasant snowscape. It made many stars quite excited, especially the Taiwanese singer Xin Xiaoqi and He Rundong, who hardly saw snowscape. They announced loudly that “it’s so beautiful” when being interviewed!
Having come to Xi’an many times, He Rundong knew the old city well. However, yesterday he looked extraordinarily excited. During the gap of program recording, He stole out to enjoy the snow and was caught by the reporters. With a ha-ha laugh, he said “Though having come to Xi’an a lot of times, but this is the first time I see snowscape. I have never seen snow in Taiwan. Hear that this time I catch Xi’an’s first snow. How lucky I am!”He told the reporter, recently, he has almost become a “Frequent Flier” because of busy in performances for public welfare and charity. But new year had new look, 2008 was a very important year for him, he planned to invest in shooting an idol TV series, “I have self-directed and acted my MV before, therefore I was trying to direct a series. I’d like to imitate Zhou Jielun and Bae Yong Jun from South Korea, to invest 10000000 Yuan in an idol series. Because this can maximally realize my individual idea.”


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Re: 08/01/15 Xin Xiaoqi, He Rundong appeared in Xi'an

Post by fang2 on Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:46 pm

banlong, thanks for the translation. bounce
Your translation updates us with Peter's latest news.

In other article, Peter said that he will just invest his own money to film an idol TV series. He's not going to direct the idol TV series. I am not sure if he also directs and invests (be the producer). Let's just wait and see!!

Since Peter is the producer of the tv series, he can choose the cast. Shen Jian Hong (his godson) will be chosen as one of the casts.

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