(2004)Wind and Cloud 2

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(2004)Wind and Cloud 2

Post by yessy_loren on Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:57 pm

Wind & Cloud 2

* Episodes: 30
* Broadcast network: CTV
* Broadcast period: 2004
* Ending theme song: Bie Ren De Tian Chang Di Jiu (别人的天场地久) by Fish Leong
* Based on the comic book of the same name by Mah Shing Wing.


Wind and Cloud have defeated Lord Conquer. Wind drinks himself into a stupor pining for his wife, Dream, who's long dead. Cloud lives a life of seclusion with his wife, Muse, and their child. Both of them no longer want anything to do with the Martial Arts world.

A stranger wearing an ice mask appears before Wind and Cloud. He wants them to continue to develop their martial arts instead of retiring to their peaceful lives. The stranger then proceeds to complicate and destroy the two sworn brothers' lives. Can Wind and Cloud unite once again to defeat the stranger's nefarious plans or will they forever be puppets of the the stranger wearing an ice mask?


* Peter Ho as Cloud 步驚雲

* Zhao Wen Zhuo as Wind 聶風

* Huang Yi as Dream 第二夢

* Chen Yi Rong as Muse 紫凝

* Chen Guan Lin as Duan Lang 斷浪

* Sun Xing as Lord Conqueror 雄霸

* Qin Lan as Chu Chu

* Li Li Qun as Xu Fu 徐福
* Yang Rui as Bai Ling 白伶
* Yue Yao Li as Tie Kuang Tu 鉄狂屠
* Zheng Guo Lin as Huai Mie

Production Credits

* Original writing (comic book): Mah Shing Wing
* Producer: Young Pei Pei 楊佩佩 (http://www.youngpp.com.tw/home.html)
* Official Sina Web: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/f/fengyun2/
* Official CTV web: http://www.ctv.com.tw/event/2004/wind2/

In action


Yun, Muse and their son

Yun, Chu Chu and Chu-Chu's baby


Feng and Di Er Meng

credits to : dramawiki, ctv official web


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