(2003) One Metre Sunshine

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(2003) One Metre Sunshine

Post by fang2 on Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:45 am

One Metre Sunshine (Yi Mi Yang Guang)

Episode : 29
Director : Zhang Xiao Guang
Setting : Canada, Shang Hai, Lijiang (Yunnan Province)

Peter Ho as Jin Zheng Wu (often called Xiao Wu)

Betty Sun played doubble role as Yi Chuan Xia Stephanie) and her sister Yi Ai Yuan (Emma)

Yin Xiao Tian as Nian Li Lun- Ai Yuan's fiance

Yu Na as Fei Ya - Mi La's friend

Chi Shuai as Mi La - Xiao Wu's friend

Xian Se Li (Bonnie) as Ah Xia Li

DIRECTOR : Zhang Xiao Guang

SYNOPSIS (by me)
While pondering her secretive love affair with her boss, Yi Chuan Xia (Betty Sun)-a capable business executive who has just moved from Canada to Shang Hai, meets Jin Zheng Wu/Xiaowu (Peter Ho)-a handsome young bartender who showers her with much love and care. Both then fall in love and decide to spend their time together in a beautiful traditional village called Lijiang (Yunnan Province) to have their own world. People said that Lijiang is a place where people can find their true love and see what it is so called 'one metre of sunshine' on top of the mountain. Without any clear reasons, Chuan Xia disappears and leaves Xiao Wu alone. Feeling curious, Ai Yuan -Chuan Xia's twin sister comes to Shang Hai and tries to find out what happens to Chuan Xia. Ai Yuan disguises herself as Chuan Xia and goes to Lijiang to meet Xiao Wu who always longs to see Chuan Xia once again.

Scenes in the series:
Chuan Xia, Xiao Wu, and Ah Xia Li, a sweet innocent girl living in Lijiang.

Chuan Xia and Xiao Wu in Lijiang Very Happy

Chuan Xia with the mountaion view in Lijiang

Official sina web: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/f/ymyg/

credits to sina

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